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Hunter Safety Spring 2024 Course

March 16 and April 6, 2024

Deerfield Rod and Gun Club has been an active location for Hunter Safety classes since late 1980s.




Look for it on the Wisconsin DNR Go Wild Website.  

Before you enroll, please first enroll in the online hunter safety course.  You must complete this course and provide us your certificate of training prior to attending the field day.  This is Wisconsin DNR policy.  The internet course is free.  However, online you will find many courses, therefore we do not recommend “googling’ hunter safety as some courses cost over $50 and may not even certify you. 


To get the correct course, go to the Wisconsin DNR website called “Go Wild” (both courses are found here):


 To ensure safety, all our ranges are closed during the field days.   

 Please email me, Mark Rodwell, if you have any questions.  

“Safety First!  There is No Second!"

Register at Go Wild Wisconsin.

Questions: Email Mark Rodwell

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