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Summer Trap

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well and getting excited for summer league!

There have been some changes to the prices of birds at the club and we are exploring the possibility of changing the shooting time slots for this summer so please make sure you attend the captains meeting and watch your emails!


Captains meeting will be Wednesday, April 5th at 6 PM


  • There is an increase in bird prices this year to 10/night. Or 160/person for the year season.

  • Memberships have also increased for new members to the club, existing members renewing their membership will pay the same rate as 2022 for 2023. This does not affect you this year if you were a member last year. Regular memberships have increased to $60 for regular and $30 for seniors if you are a BRAND NEW member just joining this year. Next year ALL memberships will have the increase in effect.

There is a potential for some time changes depending on how many teams we have return this year and if teams are willing to shoot different nights. (We will cover this at the captains meeting)

We will also formulate the rules and scoring as well as answer any other questions that may arise. 


Sponsorship fees MUST be paid before the third week of the season! NO EXCEPTIONS, if your team hasn't paid the sponsor fee before week 4, you won't shoot week 4.


You must obtain your membership before the third week of the season. (this includes your subs)


Captains must respond by March 22nd to whether or not your team will be shooting this year. We will be organizing the league based on the information we have on March 22, so if your team doesn't respond we may not have a slot for you. This will give us a better idea BEFORE the captains meeting to address any changes for league this year.


We look forward to seeing you all back again!




Deerfield Rod and Gun Club

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