2020 Rifle leagues

Dates - To Be announced.

Banquet – To be announced. 

There have been several request to have a rifle league that is a little more user friendly for those of us who have difficulty getting into the traditional NRA four positions used last year. Therefore this year there will be three divisions to the rifle league. You may only enter in one division. You may enter into either Division 1 or Division 2, not both. If you so desire you may also enter into the Division 3 Precision Benchrest competition also. 

Please address all comments, questions and recommendations via email to TeriAnne4u@aol.com.  The proposal period will end on Wednesday March 18th.  At that time there will be an organizational meeting scheduled and the final league rules finalized. Once final, the league sign up sheets will be posted in the Clubhouse. 

Please see the full notice below.

Smallbore target_(1024_x_768).jpg