Deerfield Rod and Gun Club has been an active location for Hunter Safety classes since late 1980s.



September 12, 19, and / or 26, 2020


If you missed our last course, act now to get enrolled.  Because of COVID-19 and the safety measures to reduce risk, we have revamped our course and are offering hunter safety as an outdoors course.  We will follow all Wisconsin and Dane County Health advisory and safety measures.  We have room for groups of 3 to 4 students with each day limited to nine to 12 students. 

You can enroll online using the Wisconsin DNR Go Wild website or send me an email with your student name, age, CID # and phone number.  The DNR has waived the written test so we are focused on hands on practice.  Our course runs Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.  

Our course sessions have been organized to train, review, and test all in one day, however, if a student wants more time, they can return the following Saturday for training and/ or testing.  There are no age restrictions, but all students must be able to properly handle firearms and pass the field test to graduate.  For most children this is age 12. The hunter safety course cost is $10 per student.  Once you are registered online, payment is expected within the next week or your slot will open to someone else.  We simply do not want any no-shows.    

Feel free to write me at if you have any questions or wish to enroll. 

Fall League starts September 30th at 6pm.

Signups for 16 yard, Hunt and Cover, Doubles.

Doubles will be shot on a posted schedule if there are more than 5 participants.

Signups at the club house on the 30th.

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